What isn’t cuter than a miniature horse in costume! Full body sleazys work great for the costume class. Pick a base color than add your accessories to make it uniquely yours or pick one of our completed costumes.

Accessories are easy to find since most minis can wear large dog size costume accessories, with some modifications. Party City, with their affiliate Halloween USA, carries dog costumes year round. For Christmas parades you can use dog collar jingle bells around the mini’s belly or neck. You can get antler headbands & santa hats, made for people, at the dollar store.  Use hair scrunchies around the pasterns. Use our red mini horse full body sleazy and attach white fur around the edges with a black belt around the middle for a Santa “look”. Or you can put a wreath around their neck! There are lots of seasonal-style wreaths that can be used ie;  fall wreath to turn you mini into a scarecrow by using burlap for the body covering and pasting silk flowers on.

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