high visibility horse wearHi-Viz horse gear and reflective horse wear will keep you visible in low-light conditions, out on the road, or during hunting season. If you are riding on the road, it is important to be seen by motorists. Studies show that High Visibility Horsewear can give a vehicle an extra 3 seconds reaction time. At 30mph that’s an extra stopping distance of 130 feet, the size of a full-length dressage arena. For a driver, this could be the difference between hitting you and your horse or passing safely.

And, not all reflectors are created equal. We use only 3M Scotchlite Reflective tape. Independent tests show 1 in 3 non-3M Scotchlite material is not compliant with the ANSI 107/EN 471 standards for Level 2 reflective brightness. Why 3M Scotchlite?  1) Continuous testing ensures every lot of material is compliant before it leaves the factory. 2) Quality and performance you can trust to help keep you and your horse safe. 3) Third-party certifications from accredited labs. 4) They are the innovators in retro-reflective technology. 5) Confidence your item is compliant.

Isn’t your safety worth it?  As always, everything is made in the USA.