I didn’t receive an order confirmation email.

Check your spam/junk folder. Then be sure to save us to your contact list so our emails do not go into your spam/junk folder. Also, did you review your order before submitting it? An incorrect email address will prevent you from receiving the order confirmation, order completed, and shipping notification/tracking emails.

I still cannot find my order confirmation email.

If you have already checked your spam/junk folder and you need a copy of your emailed receipt, please call us at 989-227-5741 for assistance.

How do I change or cancel my order?

Please call us within 24 hours of placing your order to change or cancel your order. We can not make any changes or cancel your order once we have started working on it.

Do you offer discounts on multiple items?

Sorry, but we cannot offer a discount on purchases of multiple items because everything is individually made for each order. Producing multiple items does not decrease the amount of time and materials needed to make each item.

Can I rush my order?

Yes, we can. All orders are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Paying a Rush Fee moves your order to the front of the line. The Rush Fee is a fixed percentage of your total order (excluding shipping and taxes) and can be found on the Checkout Page.


I didn’t receive a shipping notification.

We are a custom shop. Most orders take 2-4 business days to complete. Large items like Full Body Sleezys and Body Suits take longer, usually 7-10 business days. Everything has to be made. If you need something immediately, please look at our selection of Ready Made products. These products are sitting on a shelf and can be shipped right away.

Check your spam/junk folder. A shipping notification with a tracking number is automatically sent from ShipStation.com to the email address on the order. If you still can not find it, please call us for assistance.

I got a shipping notification but USPS tracking says “Not Found”.

This is normal for newly processed shipping labels. We often process shipping labels the night before an order will ship out. You may receive a shipping notification email in the evening, late night, or early morning. The shipments don’t physically leave our location until late morning when they are picked up by USPS. It can take some time for the online tracking data to be updated, so please check the USPS tracking page later in the evening or the next day.

I paid for USPS Priority Mail Express 1-day but my package hasn’t arrived.

That is an unfortunate issue with USPS’s online tracking system that erroneously records a 1-day delivery guarantee on Express Mail Shipments. While this is accurate for areas close to us in Michigan, this is usually an error for the rest of the country.

As stated on our Shipping Policy page, Priority Mail Express normally takes 2 business days to be delivered to most zip codes. If the USPS tracking on your package says “1-day”, it is an error unless you are located in Michigan where Express Mail 1-Day is available.

We do apologize for any confusion, but it is well known that USPS is far from perfect. If you have any doubts about USPS, we also offer UPS for urgent shipping needs.


What size horse hood should I get?

We offer over 13 different sizes. Our sizes are generously cut and fit a wide variety of body shapes. As a rule, if your horse is right on the borderline of the sizing charts for hoods such as 14.2h, 15.2h and he/she is more muscular than the average stock horse breed, you should go up to the larger size. For example, a more muscular than average QH who is 14.2h would wear a Large, and a more muscular than average QH who is 15.2h would wear an Extra-Large. Because each company has its own sizing, please refer to our sizing chart or call us at 989-227-5741 to get the best fit for your horse.

How do I measure for a stretch sheet?

All measurements are taken from the middle of the chest around the body to the side of the tail, see sizing chart. If you have a stock breed horse that is more bulky or muscular than the average horse in that breed you should go the next size up. For example, if your very muscular halter-type stallion or mare measures 72″ or 78″ you should order a Large and Extra-Large respectively.


What’s the difference between your Lycra hoods and the name brand hoods sold by other on-line tack retailers?

Quality. You are buying an American-made hood constructed from premium, no seconds, Lycra using only high-quality components. We are the only stretch horse wear made in America. If you look at the other brand labels, you will find that those hoods are imported from China or as one company prefers to call it “manufactured off-shore”. What you end up getting is a lower-quality product made from cheaper spandex and components. We will not compromise our high standards by offering a cheaply made product. We will continue to select only the finest stretch materials from the activewear industry’s premier manufacturers so the products you purchase from us will provide the performance you want for your equine partner.

Are the sleazys waterproof? Do they take long to dry?

All the fabrics are man-made, will not stretch out and will dry quickly with just your horse’s body heat. Because the Lycra fabric weave expands and contracts, it will never be water-proof. A very heavy and bulky stretch fabric can be made somewhat water-resistant. We tried using Nik-Wax, which can be found at most sporting goods stores in the camping section, and our results were fair. Our recommendation is to place a non-stretch light-weight waterproof hood/sheet over your sleezy in colder wet weather.

What is the difference between the ABS buckle closure and the Velcro closure at the girth?

The side-release buckle closure is nice because it is quick and easy. Just snap it together and you’re done. Some people prefer the big wide Velcro. The Velcro lasts just as long as the buckle if it closed onto itself after use. If it is left open, it can pick up sawdust shavings. However, the same can be said of the side release buckle. If it is left open the horse can step on it and damage it. All in all, it is a matter of personal preference, that’s why we offer the choice.

We have a horse that is hard on his clothes. What can you recommend?

We recommend our Tuff Stuff Sleazy made from Spandura, the strongest stretch fabric available. Because this fabric is heavier, it will be warmer than a regular sleazy. We do recommend that you provide your horse a cool area on exceptionally hot days, whether wearing a hood or not. If there are things in your pasture that your horse can get caught on, it will tear. Also, it will not be impervious to barbed wire, or shrubbery with long thorns, or a bored or determined horse. However, we understand that a lot of people board their horses and do not have control over their horse’s environment, this is why we offer an in-house repair service at a nominal cost to you.

How come your horse hoods come with no center yoke?

miniature horse sleazy while grazingWe do offer the center yoke as an option for those that like that look. However, there is no need for a center yoke if the hood is properly designed and constructed. Unlike other hoods on the market, our hoods are designed with an extra amount of fabric which allows your horse to put his head down and eat without any tension or riding up.  We select only the finest stretch materials from the activewear industry’s premier manufacturers so the hood you purchase will provide the performance you want for your equine partner. Many of the name brands and imported hoods that you see in the catalogs have switched to a lower quality and cheaper spandex. These hoods require a center yoke because the thinner fabric is stretched to the maximum when you put it on your horse. As a result, the fabric is unable to stretch anymore when your horse moves. The name brand manufacturers call it the “painted on look”.  It looks nice if your horse stands in one position all day but we know that doesn’t happen! That’s why we construct all our hoods with an ample amount of fabric so when your horse moves, the fabric will stretch and move too.  Our hoods stay put because we use the best materials, and take the time to design and construct them properly.

How do I stop blanket rub marks?

Blanket rub marks are caused by: 1) a poor-fitting winter blanket and 2) the nature of a horse’s winter coat.  The most common cause of blanket rub marks is an ill-fitting winter blanket that was not designed for your horse’s body type.  Shoulder rubs are caused by: A) a blanket that gets hung up on the horse’s hip as he stretches to eat or B) if the blanket is too large around the chest/shoulders/withers, the blanket can get “stuck” behind the withers and cause rubs. Constriction equals rub marks.  Get a blanket that is long enough and use a stretch sheet or shoulder guard to stimulate the hair coat and allow the blanket to glide over these “hot” spots.  Coat health is more difficult to maintain during the winter under a blanket.  Bacteria will collect under heavy blankets that are rarely washed.  Coats that are rarely exposed to fresh air and the sun’s germ-killing rays become more fragile.  We also don’t groom, which stimulates blood flow and removes dirt, as long as it is cold in the barn.  When the coat becomes irritated, the result is a loss of hair.  What can you do?  Use a stretch sheet or shoulder guard that you can wash frequently.  Do not use fabric softener…it can irritate your horse’s skin.  Remove the blanket frequently.  On winter days with lots of sunshine or no wind, turn your horse out without his blanket on.  When your horse isn’t wearing his blanket, turn it inside out to “air out” the inner surface.  Exercise caution when using products applied to the hair and skin.  Build-up can occur which will make rubs worse. Better wash your shoulder guards and stretch sheets frequently.


Why did my credit card get declined?

The most common reasons for a card being declined are an entry error with the number, expiration date, or security code. PayPal is our merchant processor and their validation process requires a matching billing address and credit card information.

I cannot add a product to the cart.

The most common reason for an item not adding to the shopping cart is there was a required selection (noted with an *) that was not made. Our custom products come with many options; color, size, options, embroidery, etc. If a required field was not completed, you will need to select the missing option before adding it to the cart.


Do you offer wholesale to other retailers?

Sorry, but we don’t wholesale.