Horse Costume Designs

horse in costumeYour costume doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Here, Ernie is ready for a Mexican Fiesta with his sombrero, a set of maracas around his neck, a stick-on moustache on his nose and a fleece body covering with red fringe. Any color sleezy hood can be the start of your horse’s next Halloween costume. If you don’t have a lot of time or money to fuss over an elaborate costume, here are some ideas to get you started.

Cat (horse) & Mouse (person) – Put tail in black tail bag. Make a collar from felt and put around horse’s neck. Add a bell to the collar. Get small Styrofoam half circles (in flower arranging dept), insert with broom bristles, spray paint black, attach to hood with mounting tape. Grey sweatpants and grey sweatshirt then paint on a mousey face with whiskers and a black-tipped nose. An inexpensive mouse tail and ears are available from online Halloween retailers.
Horse Witch – Get an inexpensive purple wig and pointy hat from a discount Halloween store. Attach wig to inside of hat. Cut large ear holes in hat and use elastic strap to keep hat in place. Striped stockings add a colorful touch-cut off foot part and slide up horse’s leg.
Horse Computer Nerd – Get a supersize pair of horn-rimmed glasses, and out of construction paper make fake pens and shirt protector.poodlecostume
Devil Horse – All you need is a pair of devil horns. Either buy some from your favorite Halloween store, or just make some out of paper mache and attach them to a headband. Jazz them up by adding glitter! Using a black tail bag add a devil tail.
A Couple of Hags – Get a couple of cheap scraggly wigs, one for you and one for your horse. Carry a cane, wear a fake nose and stuff the back of your shirt to make a hump.
The Cat in the Hat – Make a large red bow tie and attach to middle of chest. Get the tall striped hat from a Halloween Superstore. Riders can dress as Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Cloud (horse) & Angel (person) – A white sleezy for the horse and an Angel costume from a Halloween store.
Sheep (horse) & BoPeep (person) – Add stick on some cotton balls to a sleezy and you dress as BoPeep.
Dalmation (horse) & Cruella DeVille (person) – Spray black dots on a white sleezy.
Giraffe (horse) & Circus Ring Master (person) – White sleezy with brown spots.
Olaf (horse as snowman) & Elsa (person) – White sleezy sprayed with a can of silver glitter. 3 giant black poms for the charcoal buttons or use black decals. Orange construction paper for carrot nose fastened to the face of the sleezy.

Horse Piggy Bank – Add a couple of black dollar signs and some fake plastic coins on the horse and you go as Mr. Money Bags (from Monoply), the banker.
Ballerina – Start with a baby pink uni-body and add pink tulle.

Horse Santa – Red sleezy with a Santa Hat from the Dollar Store. Santa beard can be made from fiberfill that is used to fill pillows. Attach beard to sleezy using mounting tape.
devil horse costumeHorse Elf – Red sleezy with a green Elf Hat from the Dollar Store.
Horse Devil & Person Angel – Red sleezy, flame sleezy, red foil sleezy with Devil horns headband from the Dollar Store. Dress yourself as an Angel.Pooh2
Lady Bug – Red sleezy, using t-shirt paint paint on black dots or use stitch witchery to attach black fabric dots. Antenna can be made with pipe cleaners with stryofoam balls on the end. Attach by wrapping pipe cleaner around bridle/halter at poll. Dress yourself in a red sweatshirt, glue on black felt circles, wear black sweatpants, a black knit beanie hat (winter) and glue on pipe cleaners as antenna.
Winnie the Pooh – Red shoulder guard. For the honey pot use any plastic container, spray paint it yellow, write “hunny” on it and hang around horse’s neck.

Tree (horse) & Bird (person) – Attach some “leaves”, made from construction paper, to sleezy.
Bear (horse) & Goldilocks (person)

PacMan – A great idea from one of our customers, Eilene. Horse wears yellow sleezy. Handler was one of the ghosts wearing pink, blue, orange or red. Make circles out of yellow posterboard, paint on mouth and attach to sleezy. If the horse is tiny, make big circles and attach to sleezy at girth area.
Big Bird
Woodstock (horse) & Snoopy (person)

Carrot (horse) & Bunny (person)
Horse Pumpkin – Transform round eyeholes to triangles using construction paper.

Horse Dragon – use thin foam or stiff felt sheets for spikes which is sold at Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn Fabrics.
Horse Frog & Prince or Princess

horse in minnow costumeTropical Fish

Fish – thin foam or stiff felt for fins which is sold at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
War Horse & Knight
Tin Man – silver leg wraps and a plastic funnel spray painted costumes - tinman
Elephant & Mouse
Mouse & Cheese
Wolf Horse & Red Riding Hood

Bunch of Grapes – 100 purple balloons and an air compressor.

Garden Gnome – add a red quarter sheet for the pantshorse dressed as Sulley from Monsters Inc
Tropical Fish

Sulley from Monsters, Inc. – turquoise sleezy. Add purple spots

Race Horse & Jockey – Sleezy Mask, dressage saddle pad and jockey style helmet cover.

How many cotton balls does it take to make a sheep?


We don’t know either but it sure is a lot of them. This well put together costume shows the unlimited possibilities you have when designing your costume. The details are amazing: the flower wreath around the “sheep’s” neck, the long black sheep ears, the handler’s Bo Peep outfit including shepherd’s staff. It looks like they just walked out of the fairy tale book. You can never have too much detail–the details take your costuming to the next level. And most important of all…have fun with your costume.

With just a little imagination and a few inexpensive accessories, it’s easy to transform an ordinary sleezy into a fantastic and fun Halloween costume.