Alterations & Repairs

ALTERATIONS: We understand that your horse may not be an “average adult stock-type horse”.  If your horse is not a stock type horse, such as an Arabian, Morgan, Welsh, POA, Thoroughbred, etc., please call us, at (989)227-5741, to get the correct size before placing your order or, tell us your horse’s breed, height, and weight in the “Customer Comments” box in the shopping cart.  Please be aware that we may need your horse’s measurements before we can proceed. Here is a guide to help you, “How to Measure Your Horse  Any alterations to our patterns must be made before we cut your order. These initial alterations are always free. Remember, how well your article fits depends on the accuracy of your measurements. Therefore, please double-check your measurements.

Alterations after the fact may not be possible. Please be aware we cannot make articles bigger only smaller. Also, smaller can only be a few minor tweaks. Total resizing of an article cannot be done because necklines, belly bands, eye, and ear holes are in different locations for each size.  If a nip or tuck is needed, please send us a picture first to determine what adjustments are needed and we’ll give you an estimate on the cost of the tailoring.  Once you receive approval, simply return the article to us, with your authorization number written on the outside, a postage-paid return envelope, and your credit card info or check on the inside. Items sent in dirty, hairy, or smelly will incur a $25 cleaning charge before any alterations can be made.

REPAIRS: We may be able to repair and or patch Sleezy Barb Horsewear® products. However, please send us a picture first to determine if the repair is possible. The minimum charge for repairs starts at $25 +  return postage. Please be aware that some repairs may be too extensive. Therefore, it may not be cost-effective to have the repair done.  All alterations and repairs are shipped within 24 hours. Please, only washed articles can be accepted for repairs. Items sent in dirty, hairy, or smelly will incur a $25 cleaning charge before any repairs can be made.