Show Us Your Stuff!

TWHSSH Portrait“Welcome friends, to my page. My name is Bunny and I am the CEO of Sleezy Barb Horsewear. I would like to share with you some of the photos I received. You can see how stylish my attire makes my horse buddies look. If you would like your picture posted here send me your photo and description.”

Submit your own horse photo! Do you have a photo of your horse wearing Sleezy Barb Horsewear that you would like to see on this web site? If so, please send an e-mail with your horse photo as an attachment.  Don’t forget to tell us your special friend’s name and a story about your horse in the photo that we can include on the page.

When you want to send us several horse photos, please send a separate e-mail for every photo, each with its own description. Use the following e-mail address to send your photo to:

Agreement: Submitting your horse’s photo means that you agree that you give us permission to use the photo on this page of the website. Your e-mail address will be stored (but not published) for internal use, just in case we need to contact you about your submission. You can be sure that it will not be given or sold to anyone.

Kelly from Sedley VA sent us this picture of her mini. “Just wanted to share how cute our little man looks in his Spiderman sleazy.” The mini’s name is Spiderman. Kelly purchased the custom fabric and we made a sleezy for her.

miniature horse wearing a sleazy in Spiderman print

Mid America Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Team at the Rose Parade in Pasedena CA. “Your Sport Boot Covers are beautiful! They looked great in the Rose Parade! Thank you so much for getting our order to us in time!!” We made hot pink neoprene boot covers. Very nicely done, ladies.

sport boot covers in hot pink

Here’s photos from the Velocity Mounted Drill Team out of Olympia WA. We made the matching neoprene boot covers. Be sure to like their Facebook page. They have lots of great videos of the Drill Team in action!

Velocity Mounted Drill Team

Velocity Mounted Drill Team

Velocity Mounted Drill Team

Carly who lives in Valley Center, CA sent us this photo and note.  “Thanks for rushing my order. I received it today and it fits perfectly and my girl is stylin’ and she’s protected! ??”

miniature horse body suit in bright aqua zebra

Here’s photo we received from Tina who lives in Auburn, AL. Her POA is sporting a pony-size silver sleazy with the 3/4 throat zipper.

horse sleazy in silver

Ashley from Wolcott, NY sent us these pictures of her mini sportin’ his new Uni-body. “Fits perfectly. Thank you so much!”

mini full body sleezy in aqua zebra

mini horse full body sleazy in aqua zebra

mini horse full body sleazy in aqua zebra

Cara from Hubertus, WI sent us a pictures of her buckskin stylin’ in his leopard print Faceless Sleezys. “Loving our faceless sleezy.  If you happen to have any defect material and can sell cheaper, I’d love to buy a few more XL, color doesn’t matter. Thanks so much!!!”

faceless sleezy in leopard

Corinne from Loredo, TX sent us a couple of pictures of her two guys stylin’ in their Faceless Sleezys. Great color choices and a superb fit!

faceless sleazy in crazy zebra

faceless sleazy in teal blue eddy

Nona from Newburgh, ME sent us this picutre of her gelding wearing our Reflective Quarter Sheet.  “I tried out the reflective sheet yesterday for our ride in Maine on Youth hunting day.  I felt much safer in the woods with this on my horse. The fit was perfect!”

blaze orange safety quarter sheet

Melody from Livermore, CA sent us this photo of her mare, Maggie, wearing a Tuff Stuff Sleezy. “Fits my mare perfect. It’s a great quality sleezy. Thank you.” I like how nice her hot pink embroidery stands out.

hard-wearing-horse sleazy

We received a note with this photo from Amy of Neenah, WI … “We finally got our sub-zero temps. Thought you would like to see a perfect fit and this guy’s surgery sites are protected from frostbite. Thank you?” Amy ordered the Polar Fleece Lined Sleezy with no eyehole on the left side because he is missing the eye.