Carly sent us this photo and note.  “Thanks for rushing my order. I received it today and it fits perfectly and my girl is stylin’ and she’s protected! ??”

Here’s photo we received from Tina. Her POA is sporting a pony-size silver sleazy with the 3/4 throat zipper.

Ashley sent us these pictures of her mini sportin’ his new Uni-body. “Fits perfectly. Thank you so much!”

Cara sent us a picture of her buckskin stylin’ in his leopard print Faceless Sleezys. “Loving our faceless sleezy.  If you happen to have any defect material and can sell cheaper, I’d love to buy a few more XL, color doesn’t matter. Thanks so much!!!”

Corinne sent us a couple of pictures of her two guys stylin’ in their Faceless Sleezys. Great color choices and a superb fit!

Nona sent us this picture of her gelding wearing our Reflective Quarter Sheet.  “I tried out the reflective sheet yesterday for our ride in Maine on Youth hunting day.  I felt much safer in the woods with this on my horse. The fit was perfect!”

Melody sent us this photo of her mare, Maggie, wearing a Tuff Stuff Sleezy. “Fits my mare perfect. It’s a great quality sleezy. Thank you.” I like how nice her hot pink embroidery stands out.

We received a note with this photo from Amy. “We finally got our sub-zero temps. Thought you would like to see a perfect fit and this guy’s surgery sites are protected from frostbite. Thank you?” Amy ordered the Polar Fleece Lined Sleezy with no eyehole on the left side because he is missing the eye.

Kim sent this photo with the following note. “I just wanted to send you a picture and tell you how grateful we are for the sleezy you sent. It is perfect for keeping her bandage on and keeping the bugs away!! Her “girl” loves the color! Thanks again Barb!”

Bari emailed us and enclosed this photo… “Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was when my custom sleazy shoulder guard arrived!! ( we refer to it as Panzer’s bra!) Everyone I spoke to was knowledgeable, professional and I was very impressed by the quality, speed, price, and fit for a custom item!!! Many thanks!!!! and I forgot to mention why I ordered the shoulder guard for her!!! She had a cut on her chest between her legs that had a hard time healing this summer, with the extremely hot weather and abundance of flies- the shoulder guard covers her wound so it can heal- it stays put and the Velcro makes it adjustable- perfection!!!! She’s a North American Spotted Draft- a big girl- so finding something to fit/help her was impossible before I found Sleazy Barb!!!! Thanks again!

horse shoulder guard

Paula writes “My new zebra red tail toobie. They are awesome and look great!”

braid in tail wrap in red zebra print

Sabine writes “Just wanted to show you how nice one of your customers (my buckskin Morgan pony) looks in her Sleezy Barb wear this season! No more shoulder rubs from her sheet or blanket. Perfect fit. Thank you! At Odyssey Training Stable”

shoulder guard for horses shown in leopard print

“The mask that I ordered from you arrived today and I just love it! I am very impressed by the quality. I ordered it for Misty, my Paint mare, whose face has been getting badly rubbed by her halter and cribbing strap. I believe that it will allow her hair to grow back while she continues to wear these things. Plus, she looks great in it. Thank you!”…Stacy

horse sleazy face masks

“After a long-awaited delivery my unibody sleezy came in and I literally ran around my house like a crazy person when I got it (it came in on a Friday and I was that excited) I wanted to run to the barn right then to put it on Delilah… But the barn has wonky hours. SO on Saturday I put it on her and fell in LOVE! Giraffes are my favorite animal and Delilah seems to like them as well :) thanks so much for everything IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT .”…Allie

This is Sjoerd’s Moonlight Kisses “Epic”. She is a 3 year old Friesian x Saddlebred. She is rockin’ in her purple zebra Uni-body.  Epic is owned and loved by the Jensen Family.