Costumes for Horses

wonder woman horse costume

“Hi friends, my name is Bunny (as Wonder Woman) and I am the CEO of Sleezy Barb Horsewear. I would like to share with you some photos of my friends wearing costumes. I hope this page will provide you with some inspiration of what you can do for that Halloween party or costume class. If you would like your picture posted here, send me your photo and description.”



Executive Assistant, Mindy Sue, is shown wearing her She-Devil costume made from a red flame sleezy. we added a set devil horns that were $.99 at the dollar store. You don’t need an expensive costume. Use a sleezy you already have, add some embellishments and, viola!, you have a great original costume.

Mindy Sue event mascot for Sleepy Hollow State Park, Laingsburg, MI.

Mindy The Minnow, our 32″ miniature horse and website model, was event mascot for The Great Sleepy Hollow Treasure Hunt aka Can You Ride Like a Pirate? This is a treasure hunt on horseback where participants and horses alike dress in their finest pirate garb in search of hidden treasure. arrrrrr!

mini horse dressed in minnow costume

horse in minnow costume

Photo from Allison of Tylertown, MS.

“The zebra print body suit worked perfectly for the horse and rider dress up contest my son entered. Thanks for making pony sizes!! ❤️️?❤️️”

We asked if she would be willing to share how she made the authentic-looking zebra mane. “Sure! I bought white faux fur fabric and cut a strip for the mane. I measured and sectioned off pieces and rubber banded every other section. The sections with no rubber band, I spray painted with black spray paint. I had someone hold pieces of cardboard on each side so I wouldn’t get paint on the white sections. When the paint dried I brushed all the hair straight up and sprayed in some stiff hairspray, then cut it straight across the top. I then hot glued the mane on. It worked great.  We’ll continue to use it to keep her clean for shows! ”

horse costume as zebra

Photo from Mano of Salt Lake City, UT.

“Hi Barb. Thank you for helping me create my blue dragon this year. The costume was a great success. For some reason I’ve started thinking about next year, probably because this was so fun. The costume I’m thinking about is making my horse into a Piñata. I hope that you’ll be able to help me again. As this idea evolves I’ll let you know and perhaps we can create a really fun costume! “

costumes for horses - dragon

Photo from Kim of Savoy, IL.

“Here’s a picture of me, Jessie, and Nick, as Buzz Lightyear at S.H.A.R.E. horse rescue costume contest in Dewey, Illinois.  We had a white sleepy with purple head and neck for Buzz Lightyear.  He had a jet pack (from Amazon $9.99) attached by Velcro.  We got a foam vest for the front that we used velcro and a glue gun to put the name Lightyear on and the red,dark green, and Blu dots.  We velcroed a NASA patch on him too.  His legs had the lime green Sleezy fast leg wraps.  We put an American flag on his right front leg wrap with Velcro.”

costumes for horses - buzz lightyear

Photo from Lila of Coats, NC.

“We did it again.  6th year blue ribbon.”  Lila purchased a kelly green full body sleezy for her miniature donkey.  I love how she accesorized her elf costume with striped people stockings. A simple $2 hat made fancy by adding Wright’s Trims dingle-balls. And, adding little felt elves all over the body of the costume. Easy to do and very charming.

horse costumes christmas elf

Photo from Kim of Savoy, IL.

“Here is a picture of Nick as Captain America.  He wore a blue sleazy wear unibody outfit.  We used red vet wrap for his legs.  We put some red and white striped material over his midsection using Velcro.  I got 2 Captain America shields from the kids costume aisle to Velcro each on each side of him.  I went as Wonder Woman.  This was a costume contest in October 2018 at Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergencies in Dewey, Illinois.”

costumes for horses Capt America