Costumes for Horses

Submit your own horse photo! Do you have a photo of your horse wearing Sleezy Barb Horsewear horse costume that you would like to see on this web site? If so, please send an e-mail with your horse photo as an attachment.  Don’t forget to tell us your special friend’s name and a story about your horse in the photo that we can include on the page.

When you want to send us several horse photos, please send a separate e-mail for every photo, each with its own description. Use the following e-mail address to send your photo to:

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wonder woman horse costume

“Hi friends, my name is Bunny (as Wonder Woman) and I am the CEO of Sleezy Barb Horsewear. I would like to share with you some photos of my friends wearing costumes. I hope this page will provide you with some inspiration of what you can do for that Halloween party or costume class. If you would like your picture posted here, send me your photo and description.”



Executive Assistant, Mindy Sue, is shown wearing her She-Devil costume made from a red flame sleezy. we added a set devil horns that were $.99 at the dollar store. You don’t need an expensive costume. Use a sleezy you already have, add some embellishments and, viola!, you have a great original costume.

Mindy Sue event mascot for Sleepy Hollow State Park, Laingsburg, MI.

Mindy The Minnow, our 32″ miniature horse and website model, was event mascot for The Great Sleepy Hollow Treasure Hunt aka Can You Ride Like a Pirate? This is a treasure hunt on horseback where participants and horses alike dress in their finest pirate garb in search of hidden treasure. arrrrrr!

mini horse dressed in minnow costume

horse in minnow costume

Photo by courtesy of Rene

“Barb! I can’t thank you enough for getting the pirate costume ready so fast!!!!  When Lily lost her sweet Kaptain last month she said Halloween last year was her absolute favorite memory of him! We truly appreciate you and your talent!!!!”

dragon costume for horses in blue

Photo by courtesy of Denise

“Just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome pony dragon sleazy! The craftsmanship was amazing, and the fit was perfect! So many people asked for your website information, and I gladly shared!  Thank you so much!”

black pony wearing the green dragon costume

Photo by courtesy of Amy

“Thank you for the quick shipping!  We did a practice run today, minus the tail bag since I haven’t figured that part out yet. lol”

horse in dragon costume

Photo by courtesy of Mary

“I wanted to let you know how beautifully made our Sleezy was for May.  My granddaughter, Ellarose was the Statue of Liberty.  It was quite chilly and very windy but the show went on.

I hope that you can see from this picture how it all turned out. I did not take into account that it was difficult to put a crown on top of her helmet, but nonetheless, all was wonderful.

Thank you again for such beautiful work!

horse wearing star n stripes costume

Photo by courtesy of Rita

“Just wanted to share a picture of my pair of Giraffes that was a huge hit.” Rita is part of Free Wheeler’s Therapeutic Driving with Miniature Horses.

miniature horses in giraffe costumes

Vimeo Video by courtesy of Heidrun

“Thanks again for making the costumes. Any way you can share it (video) on your Pinterest board if you like. You also can find me under Heidrun Metzler I posted it on my at liberty training board and on the children’s book activities board.” Heidrun also has a book, Skeeters Dream, that is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Click on the picture below to watch The Wild Animal Show.

Photo by courtesy of Christina

“You did a hot pink corvette for my daughter to wear in the costume class at Welsh nationals.  It was amazing. Everyone loved it!” We can do a car costume in any color you need. Note: Customer added their own stickers.

costume for horses pink Barbie corvette

pink Barbie corvette costume for horses

Photos by courtesy of Leah

Craft foam or felt can create an amazing costume.  It can be layered, cut and painted very easily.

tiger king horse costume

tiger king horse costume

tiger king costume for horses

tiger king costumes for horse

Cheshire cat horse costume

cheshire cate costume for horses

Photos by courtesy of Rob.

“Hi:  I don’t think I ever sent you a photo of the blue car costume on the horse.  It looks great.  The freestyle event I was going to go to in June has been cancelled (not the show, just the freestyle) ? so I am looking for other options. I ordered two flashing red lights and they came as well so I will figure out a flashing light for the patrol car too. Thanks again for all your help.”

blue car costume for horses

car costume for horses

Click on the picture below to see the video Rob created of his Freestyle routine with his horse, Enoch.

horse wearing police car costume

horse police car costume

race car costume for horses

Photos by courtesy of Sky

“Thank you so much. It turned out adorable.” Sky got a custom color dragon costume.

pink dragon costume for horses

pink dragon forse costume

costume for horse pink dragon

Photo by courtesy of Holly

Holly says “We got the sleezy yesterday and it’s perfect! Thank you again for everything. “

costumes for horses american flag

costumes for horses american flag

costumes for horses american flag

Photo by courtesy of Melissa

Melissa says “Sleezys on parade.”

two horses wearing American Flag costumes

Photos by courtesy of Heather

Heather used a Sleezy Mask to quickly create a unicorn for her daughter.

unicorn horse costume

unicorn horse costume

Photos by courtesy of Nancy.

Costume is a Flags print Uni-Body.

horse wearing costumes that is covered in small flags

horse wearing flag costume

little boy showing off ribbon he won

Photos by courtesy of Elizabeth.

“Thanks for the quick shipment of our Superman costume,  it was a hit and he looked so good in it.”

horse wearing superman costume

horse wearing superman costume