Photos from Dana of Jamestown, TN

Here are some great photos of Dana and her ride from a Mardis Gras celebration. Dana is dressed as a circus announcer and her horse is a giraffe. Her horse is in a stretch Uni-Body and is wearing the Fast Wraps on its legs.

Photo from Michele of Byromville, GA

Here is photo from Michele where her daughter and her mini are both dressed as zebras. Michele took first place for these matching costumes. Other cute ideas included “Dressed for Morning Mini” to with left. That mini has curlers in its mane and its handler is wearing pajamas. The mini to the right is a bug complete with antennae.

Photo from Linda of Burton, OH

Linda purchased a red stretch sheet from us for her pony. Linda’s granddaughter was Betsy Ross and her grandson was George Washington. The stars on the flag were attached with Velcro so Betsy “sewed” the flag in the arena under the watchful eye of the judge and George Washington. Linda says the “best part that the flag comes off and now we’ll use her stretch body suit and hood for the everyday stuff.”

Photo from Melissa of Lapeer, MI

Here Kittty, Kitty, Kitty!  This black cat costume for Melissa’s miniature horse was made using our black Uni-Body with ear covers (additional cost). Melissa added a tail and whiskers. This costume coordinated with Melissa’s witch costume.

911 Rescue Team, Fall Fest, San Diego, CA

This team took 1st Place with their costumes of US Special Forces, Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Police.  They purchased from us a Camouflage Uni-Body for the Army costume and used Stitch Witchery Heat Bond to attach the flag on both sides.  The Fire Truck used a Red Uni-Body, a Red English Saddle Cover and then the customer used Stitch Witchery to bond on the Fire Dept. Logo.  We made the black and white Uni-Body (for an additional charge) for the Police car, a White English Saddle Cover, and the customer added the police badge and “Protect and Serve” using Stitch Witchery.  Stitch Witchery can be purchased at any Wal-Mart store.  When you are done with your “costume”, the attachments can be peeled off and the Uni-Body reused.  For the ambulance, the customer purchased a White Uni-Body, White English Saddle Cover, and we stitched on the Red Cross symbol (for an additional charge). They look FABULOUS don’t they?

Photo from Mary of Howell, MI

Here comes Gumby and Pokey!  This fabulous costume was created by Mary O.  We made the orange Miniature Uni-Body and Mary added the black yarn mane and tail, and created the leg coverings with matching fabric we provided her. Let your imagination run wild like Mary did. We’ll work hard to get that fabric to make your vision a reality.

Photo from Michelle of Midland, MI

Very clever New York City taxi costume designed by Michelle which took 2nd place at the Midland County Fair. Her daughter is a Radio City Rockette and her son a Wall Street Executive.

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