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Miniature Horse Tail Bag


Made in the USA

Grow A Long, Lush Tail For Your Mini

Dreaming of a long, full tail for your mini? Our 24” Miniature Horse Tail Bag safeguards the tail from the drying effects of sun, manure, and mud and helps minimize hair breakage that leads to thinning. Once your mini’s tail is all grown in, our tail bag helps keep it show-ready!

  • A quality, American-made product
  • Made from premium, easy-care Lycra that will last for years
  • Made specifically for the mini’s fuller tail
  • Keeps tail neat, clean, and off the ground
  • Ties hold tail bag in place (choose between 2 or 4 ties)
  • Doesn’t hold water and dries quickly when wet
  • No drying fleece or Velcro to pull on tail hairs


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The Miniature Horse Tail Bag is a snap to use, and requires no special tools or bands.  1) Wash your mini’s tail.  2) Apply your favorite deep conditioner (one made for horses).  3) Braid.  4) Insert into the bag.  5) Weave ties through top of braid and tie off below the tailbone. There is NO Velcro to get stuck or tangled in your mini’s tail and NO fleece to draw out hairs’ natural oils.

Braiding instructions come with your tail bag. Or, you can print them out now.

Because the Miniature Horse Tail Bag is made from 80% nylon/ 20% Lycra, it is machine washable. Air dries fast. Follow our simple Care Instructions for best results.


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Weight 4 oz


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