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Miniature Horse Tail Toobies


Made in the USA

Add Lovely Length & Fullness To Your Mini’s Tail

Looking for a unique tail-lengthener for your mini that truly stays put? Our Miniature Horse Braid-In Tail Wrap adds length and fullness to your horse’s tail by preventing the hair from becoming dry and brittle. It’s simply the best way to grow a thicker, longer tail naturally! Our Tail Toobies® are free of hair-damaging Velcro, cords, or fleece and safely protect your mini’s tail hair from mud, sun, and manure.

Plus, they’re so easy to use. Divide the tail into three sections, insert each section into the tube, and then braid. There’s no easier way to manage your mini’s tail!

  • American-made quality you can trust in
  • Crafted from durable, fine-quality Lycra fabric
  • Made specifically for the mini’s fuller tail
  • Keeps tail tangle free, clean, and off the ground
  • Doesn’t hold water, and dries quickly when wet
  • Choice of two lengths (18” or 24”)
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Features fly-flicker and ties at bottom of middle tube

Tail Toobies® come with simple braiding instructions. You can also print our instructions now.


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miniature horse braid in tail wrap in electric blueThe Miniature Horse Braid-in Tail Wrap is the best way to grow a thicker longer tail naturally.  No more hair on hair braiding which is the major cause of damage and hair breaking.

Comes with fly flicker and ties at bottom of middle tube.   NO VELCRO or cords to pull on tail hairs. NO FLEECE to draw out the tail’s natural moisture.

Easy to Use:  1) Wash your mini’s tail.  2) Work in your favorite conditioner. 3) Divide the tail into thirds.  4) Pull each tail section through a tube.  5) Braid tubes together.  6) Tie off at the bottom.  7) Weave top ties into the braid just below the tailbone.  Done! No special tools or bands required.

Tail Toobies® come with detailed braiding instructions or print our instructions now: TAIL TOOBIE INSTRUCTIONS

Because the Miniature Horse Braid-in Tail Wrap is made from 80% nylon/ 20% Lycra it is machine washable. Air dries in a flash. Follow our simple Care Instructions for best results.


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