Care Instructions for Your Horsewear

How should I wash our Sleezy Barb products? Our sleezys and sheets can be washed in a washing machine in warm water using a gentle detergent but no fabric softener or dryer sheets. Give your sleezy/sheet a strong shake to dislodge any loose hairs. Turn inside out before placing in washer.  We recommend using Dreft detergent. It is a gentle detergent used for baby clothing and diapers. It works well removing manure stains and leaves no detergent residue on the fabric to irritate your horse’s skin. Never use Woolite because the lanolin in the product may cause early deterioration of the elastic and lycra.  Do not use Oxy-Clean because it can result in color loss. For strong stains, let the article soak in the washer before starting the wash cycle. Please do not tumble dry…hang dry. Remember to close all Velcro prior to washing.

How often should I wash my sleezy/sheets? You should wash anything that comes into contact with your horse’s skin at least twice a month to avoid substantial dirt and body oils from building up.

Do any of the deep colors bleed? Occasionally, some printed fabrics may experience color bleeding or color transference the first few times they are wet. This is due to an excess dye in the fabric. We strongly recommend prewashing your sleezy since color transference may occur if placed directly on a wet/damp horse. Always use a dry sleezy on a dry horse.  If you have a light-colored horse, it is always best to test your fabric to make sure it won’t bleed before placing on your horse. Place sleezy in a bucket of warm water for 10 minutes. If there is an excess dye in the fabric, the water will change color.  Wash the article repeatedly, in the washing machine (see Question #1 above), until the excess dye is removed and the water remains clear.