Made in the USA

Grow A Long, Luxurious Mane

Ever wonder how other people’s horses get those long, thick manes? Wish your horse could measure up? Mane Bags keep your horse’s mane clean and tangle-free, sparing you from the chore of daily mane care. No more snarls and burrs! Our sox shield your horse’s mane from the sun and mud—two major causes of brittle hair and breakage. They also protect the hair from getting snagged on fencing and stalls. Grow a gorgeous, healthy mane you’ll be proud to show off!

  • A USA-made product
  • Made from a premium Lycra blend
  • Protects mane from sun, mud, and snagging
  • Prevents hair from drying and breaking
  • No fleece to draw out hair’s natural moisture
  • No Velcro to tangle the mane
  • Stays put even when your horse is turned out
  • Choice of 2 ties or 4
  • Package includes set of 6 mane bags
  • Jumbo size available for extra-thick, long manes
  • Machine washable
  • Also available in Hunter Safety Orange