Deluxe Lycra Shoulder Guard

Deluxe Lycra Shoulder Guard


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Made in the USA

horse shoulder guard

  • Made of breathable, premium-quality 4-way stretch 8oz Lycra
  • Protects shoulders, chest, and wither area against hair loss
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Can be used as a medical wrap to secure bandages
  • Neck opening sized “right” for use under winter blankets.

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A Center Yoke is a piece of fabric that attaches from the middle of the chest, runs between the front legs, and attaches to the girth. The cut on the side is higher like a "bikini cut" rather than straight across.

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Made in the USA

Stop Unsightly Blanket Rub Marks Before They Start

Tired of those blanket rub marks on your horse’s shoulders, mane, and withers? Our horse shoulder guard protects the shoulder and wither area against troublesome blanket chafing and helps prevent hair loss. Crafted from premium Lycra, this deluxe shoulder slicker is form-fitting and comfortable while allowing for total freedom of movement. Seams are encased in soft stretch elastic so it stays in place.  You’ll never blanket your horse again without one!

  • Made with pride in the USA
  • Made of breathable, premium-quality 4-way stretch Lycra
  • High-strength Gütermann thread for supreme durability
  • Protects shoulders, chest, and wither area against blanket rubs and hair loss
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Can be used as a medical wrap to secure bandages
  • Made with reinforced, extra-durable seams
  • Easy to layer under heavy winter blankets
  • Neck opening sized “right” for use under winter blankets.
  • Machine washable

horse shoulder guardDesign your horse shoulder guard to fit your needs! Every shoulder slinky comes with a  Velcro® closure on an extra-wide and extra-comfortable girth strap. If you prefer an ABS side-release buckle on the girth, we can do that for you. You can upgrade the girth elastic to premium, heavy-duty woven elastic.  Also, you can add a center yoke between the front legs or the extra-wide center yoke for more coverage.

For information on the cause of blanket rub marks and how to prevent them, please see our FAQs page.


Our customized fit system ensures your horse gets the fit you’re looking for. No one size fits all like the other brands! But your horse isn’t average? We can adjust our patterns to your measurements. Call us or use this Measuring Guide.

Easy on/Easy off

In general, most horses tolerate things around their heads.  Therefore, putting on your horse’s shoulder guard is easy to do. Open the girth closure. The big opening, without the long elastic strap, is the neck opening. Put your horse’s head through the neck opening and slide it down to the shoulders. Close the girth strap on the left side.  Finally, your chest slinky should fit smoothly, like swimwear, on the horse’s shoulders, but not too tight to create a rub.


This horse sleazy shoulder guard is made from 80% nylon/ 20% Lycra. Therefore, it is machine washable and air dries fast. Also, follow our simple Care Instructions for best results. Launder the sleazy shoulder guard at least once a month to prevent bacteria build-up.

 Shoulder Guard to the rescue!

We received a call from a distressed owner whose foal had a large chest wound. She explained to us that she needed something to hold the bandages in place.  She, also, needed it a little higher than a normal shoulder guard and she needed it right away. We were surprised when we saw the pictures.  We were not expecting to see anything this huge.


young horse with severe chest wound


foal with bandages



How does it stay on?!

After talking to the customer, we made the “bandage cover” a little higher up the neck with a Velcro adjustment. We also recommended a center yoke to help hold it in place since the patient is an active youngster. A week later we received this email… “He is feeling so much better. He decided to roll this evening, then jump up and kick out. The Sleezy stayed right in place along with the bandage. It is working great. Thanks so much for your prompt response to my needs.” …Jane, TX

foal with customized shoulder guard

horse shoulder guard

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × .25 in

8 reviews for Deluxe Lycra Shoulder Guard

  1. jasmine p

    Works great under blankets where horses might typically get rubbed, protects withers as well. Fits perfect and stays in place. Love all the color choices too.

  2. Maria

    I had to get some more of the little ones. These shoulder guards are perfect!

  3. Maria

    The size was perfect for my foal. It’s very hard to find anything that fits properly for a foal. It’s perfect!. Works great and the quality is fantastic.

  4. kim

    I wanted to tell you how grateful we are for the sleezy you sent. It is perfect for keeping her bandage on and keeping the bugs away!! Her “girl” loves the color!

  5. Dawn

    Thank you so much for the awesome shoulder guards. My colt is so happy to have his blanket off and it is holding his bandaging perfectly. You have an awesome well made product.

  6. Angie

    Hi there! I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how happy I am with your company! I have a horse in California who developed Pigeon Fever, and needed a quick cover for his chest area. Your staff was amazing, and sent a custom-made shoulder guard within 72 hours. The shoulder guard worked and he is definitely on the mend. Thank you so much for all of your help, I really really appreciate it!

  7. Lisa

    I had to email you to tell you (which you probably already know) how wonderful your products are!!! I have a horse that is a paint; mostly white; and sunburns and blisters in the summer time. I have looked and looked for the exact item you have; the shoulder guard with the white mesh material. You see she burns only on her right shoulder. I tried the fly sheet which in the summer time is still too hot. I tried sewing something out of the fly mask material, too hard to work with, and then I found your site. I just received the guard and it fits perfect and this will protect her from the sun and the heat…Finally… I am passing this web site on to everyone I know for sure. And I want to thank you so much for your product. You are right nobody else has this.. I even spoke to Jeffers who sent me to Robin Hoods horse supply who have a stretch mesh in hoods only and it is not the same as yours. I emailed back the horse specialist at Jeffers and told them about the website and to use it and pass it on. Anyway, I know I am going on and on but I was so excited to finally find a product that is custom made for a change.

  8. Jean

    WoW! I do a lot of business on line and you have got to be the fastest/easiest interaction I’ve had in a long time. I ordered on Sunday night and when I got home from work on Thursday my 2 new shoulder guards were at my door. I live in Oregon. I loved how I could track it-your contact emails were instant and last but not least the product is great. I’ll be back and will spread the good word!

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