Made in the USA

The Original Faceless Sleezy®

Hard-wearing Tuff Stuff Faceless Sleezy

Do you have a horse that’s tuff on its clothes? Does everything you put on him get shredded in no time flat? The durable Tuff Stuff Faceless Sleezy is the answer to your question! This brawny horse hood is made from Spandura™, an amazing high-tech fabric that combines the toughness of Cordura with the stretch of Lycra. Because each yarn consists of Cordura fibers spun around a Lycra core, the result is a fabric that feels soft, supple, and stretchy. The Cordura offers durability while the Lycra offers the stretch needed for comfort.

The special accordion pleats in our headless horse hoodie allow for extra room when your horse puts his head down to eat and will train the mane. The throatlatch opening is reinforced and fully adjustable, with a wide Velcro strap that can’t be rubbed open or slide down the neck. Don’t be a victim to blanket and mane rub outs again!

  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-duty YKK Vislon zipper option
  • Helps train the mane and keep it laying flat
  • Crafted of innovative Spandura fabric, 350 gsm strong
  • Adjustable throatlatch for a comfortable fit
  • Generously sized—will not ride up over the withers
  • Velcro tab keeps zipper slider secure and in place
  • Form-fitting to allow for total freedom of movement
  • Accordion pleats in the neck allow for extra room when the horse puts his head down
  • High-strength Gütermann thread for supreme durability
  • Machine washable