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Ready Made Deluxe Horse Shoulder Guard

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Made in the USA

A Simple & Effective Solution For Rub Marks

Does your horse have blanket rub marks? Do you need to do something fast to keep them from getting worse? Our Deluxe Lycra Shoulder Guard protects the shoulder and wither area against troublesome blanket chafing—and also helps prevent hair loss. Made of soft, supple Lycra material, it’s form fitting and comfortable while allowing your horse total freedom of movement. Stop rubs before they start, or provide protection to help existing ones heal over.

Because these shoulder guards are ready-made and on the shelf, you can buy today, and we’ll ship today!

  • American-made
  • Made of premium Lycra fabric
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Can be used as a medical wrap to secure bandages
  • Reinforced seams and Gutterman thread for durability
  • Your choice of side-release buckle or Velcro closure on the girth strap
  • Machine wash, dries quickly


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For information on the cause of blanket rub marks and how to prevent them, please see our FAQs page, question #8.

Fitting your Lycra Shoulder Guard – Most horses don’t mind having things put over their heads. Your sleazy should fit smoothly, like swimwear, on the horse’s shoulders, but not too tight to create a rub. The big opening, without the elastic hanging off it, is the neck opening. Put your horse’s head through the neck opening and slide it down to the shoulders. Close the girth strap on the side.

Because the Lycra Shoulder Guard is made from 80% nylon/ 20% Lycra, it is machine washable. Air dries in no time at all. Follow our simple Care Instructions for best results. Be sure to wash your Lycra Shoulder Guard at least once a month to prevent bacteria build-up.


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