Made in the USA

A Simpler, Stylish Alternative To Polo Wraps

Tired of those old-time polo wraps that require endless wrapping around your horse’s legs (only to discover you’ve wound the wraps backward)? Our Fast Leg Wraps are the answer! These reusable designer horse leg wraps cover the leg from below the knee to the coronary band. They’re made from a special AirFlo® neoprene material that’s durable and rugged, yet lightweight enough to let your horse’s legs “breathe.” The fabric stretches and relaxes with your animal, but will not sag or lose its shape. This makes our Fast Wraps ideal while exercising your horse at the show.

Our leg wraps truly make your life easier! Adjustable Velcro closures mean they’re simple to put on and take off. Coordinate with a matching sleezy hood, stretch sheet, or uni-body for a stylish, cohesive look.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from “breathable” AirFlo® neoprene
  • Reusable, unlike VetWrap
  • Stretchy fabric prevents too-tight binding
  • Use as a shipping boot—no heavy fleece to overheat the horse
  • Use over gauze bandages to keep flies and dirt off
  • Covered with high-quality Lycra fabric
  • Complete leg coverage, from below the knee to coronary band
  • Keep white legs clean and tidy after bathing
  • Provides protection from annoying fly bites.