Costume for horses for all sizes of equine

Unique Costumes

Need a Halloween costume for your horse? or something special for the Costume Class? We specialize in costumes for horses. Costuming is all about getting imaginative, creative, and having fun with your partner, your horse. You also want a unique costume that will stand up for more than one wearing.  A fun costume that your horse will be able to wear again and again. You’re looking for a unique design that you won’t find anywhere else.

That’s where Sleezy Barb Horsewear costumes come in. Add as much as you want and finish your horse’s costume with your own creative details. We make it easy for you to wow the crowd at your next costume event!

High-Quality Costumes

While we love great Halloween costumes, we think an article made for only one use is inappropriate. That’s why we focus on quality when making our costumes. We handpick our fabrics and design our own patterns. We had friends and family try costumes on their own horses and tell us what worked and didn’t work. Our costumes stand out from anything you’ll find elsewhere. As costume enthusiasts, we think your awesome costume should last more than a night. If you agree, scroll through and find the look that fits your horse just right.