Made in the USA

Treat Your Horse To A Toasty Bit This Winter

Say “goodbye” to ice-cold bits during the winter months! With our 100% all-natural, nontoxic Bit Warmer, there’s no need to heat up a frosty bit with your bare hands.

Simply toss our reusable Bit Warmer in the microwave for a few seconds and apply to your horse’s bit when you get to the barn. You’ll have a warm bit for your horse’s mouth when you’re ready to ride, and a convenient hand warmer for later.

With its exclusive pouch-within-a-pouch design, our Bit Warmer holds in more heat than other brands, so your warmer won’t cool off so quickly. The soft polar fleece exterior keeps the heat in—and the cold out.

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% natural and non-toxic
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No rice to dry out after multiple uses
  • Reheats quickly in the microwave—no kneading required
  • No additional heat packs to buy
  • Pleasant nutty aroma when warm
  • Double-layer fabric for extra heat retention
  • Lots of color combinations to choose from
  • Makes a fantastic gift