Body Suit in Pink Lemonade

Body Suit in Pink Lemonade

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Made in the USA

pony body suit, slinky pony blanket, pony bodysuit, pony lycra body

  • Size: 56″-60″. Color: Pink Lemonade
  • Adjustable neck opening and elastic leg straps for a custom fit
  • Wide belly band to keep more of your pony clean
  • Reinforced seams prevent over-stretching
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Made in the USA

Body Suit in Pink Lemonade!

This is a size SMALL. It fits a pony that wears a 56″-60″ blanket. Click HERE for important size information  Soft fleece around the neck opening. Color: Pink Lemonade.

Maintain A Healthy, Glowing Coat For Your Smaller Horse

Keep your pony clean and pristine with our form-fitting Body Suit! Our popular Lycra body sleazy helps cut grooming time in half by polishing the hair coat and protecting it from dust and dirt. Specially crafted to let your animal put his head down to eat without causing pressure on the withers or rubbing on the mane. Also, this exclusive stretch horse wear sheet is shaped to the pony’s back and reinforced to prevent over-stretching.

  • Proudly made in America
  • Uses high-quality, snag-resistant Lycra
  • Keeps horse clean while polishing the hair coat
  • Contoured to fit your pony’s back
  • Adjustable neck opening for a great fit
  • Elastic leg straps allow for full-body motion
  • Wide belly band to keep more of your pony clean
  • Gütermann thread for extra durability
  • Reinforced seams and edges to prevent over-stretching
  • Use as a blanket under-liner for extra body warmth
  • Machine washable


Have a question about your pony’s size?  Call us or use this Measuring Guide

Easy on/Easy off

In general, most ponies tolerate things around their heads.  Therefore, putting on your pony’s lycra body suit is a snap to do. To start with, put your pony’s head through the neck opening. Slide it down over the body. Align the back seam down the middle of your pony’s back. Close the Velcro® belly band. Thus, your body sleazy should fit smoothly, like swimwear, over the pony’s body, but not too tight to create a rub.


Because your pony bodysuit contains 80% nylon/ 20% Lycra® fabric, is machine washable. Air dries in no time. Also, follow our simple Care Instructions for the best results.

pony body suit, slinky pony blanket, pony bodysuit, pony lycra body

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × .25 in


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