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Sleazy Sack Storage Bag

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Made in the USA

horse hoodie storage bag

  • Hoodie Size
  • Color Black
  • Crafted from premium, 4-way stretch Lycra
  • Keeps your horse’s hoodie tidy and snag-free
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Made in the USA

Horse Hoodie Storage Bag

We weren’t paying attention and cut it out in the wrong color. But it’s good for you because you get a deal to help us get the horse hoodie storage bag out of our inventory. Color: Black Size: Sleazy hood size

Want your horse sleezy to stay clean and tidy while not in use? Our Hoodie Sack Storage Bag is a must! This is a great way to protect and store your slicker hood when you’re not using them—just stuff in the sack and pull the drawstring closure shut. You can then hang it up, or toss it in your tack box so you’re ready for the next show. No more mess or clutter! Helps keep your sleezy safe from snags and tangles and your tack room or box organized.

Our hoodie storage bag also makes a handy laundry bag! Wash your sleazy safely, knowing hair and mud won’t clog your washer’s filter.

  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted from premium, 4-way stretch Lycra
  • Keeps your horse’s hoodie tidy and snag-free
  • Less clutter in your tack box
  • Makes a convenient laundry bag
  • Sleazy hood size
  • Machine wash

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How to use

Close all Velcro. Buckle the girth. Fold your sleazy. Insert it into the bag. Use drawstrings to shut. Hang up or toss in your tack box. Also, makes a great laundry bag for laundering your stretch horse wear to keep it twist-free.


The Horse Hoodie Storage Bag, made with 80% nylon/ 20% Lycra® fabric, is machine washable and air dries in no time. Also, follow our simple Care Instructions for best results. Note: Remember to fasten any Velcro before washing or storing.

horse hoodie storage bag

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × .25 in


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