Fast Leg Wraps

Fast Leg Wraps


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Made in the USA

summer weight shipping boots

  • Made from “breathable” AirFlo® neoprene
  • Use as a shipping boot—no heavy fleece to overheat the horse
  • Covered with high-quality Lycra fabric
  • Complete leg coverage, from below the knee to coronary band
  • 2 per set

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Length is from just below the knee to the coronary band.


Length is from just below the knee to half way down the hoof.

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Made in the USA

A Simpler, Stylish Alternative To Heavy Shipping Boots

Ever wonder if there is an alternative to those heavy fleece-lined shipping boots on a hot summer day? Do you wear your fleece-lined winter boots in the middle of summer? Well, neither should your horse. Our Fast Leg Wraps are the answer! These reusable designer horse leg wraps cover the leg from below the knee to the coronary band. They’re made from a special AirFlo® neoprene material that’s durable and rugged, yet lightweight enough to let your horse’s legs “breathe.” The fabric stretches and relaxes with your animal, but will not sag or lose its shape. Perfect as a summer weight shipping boot to protect your horse’s legs during trailering.

Are you still using those old-time polo wraps that require endless wrapping around your horse’s legs (only to discover you’ve wound the wraps backward)?  Our leg wraps truly make your life easier! Adjustable Velcro closures mean they’re simple to put on and take off. Coordinate with a matching sleezy hood, stretch sheet, or uni-body for a stylish, cohesive look.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from “breathable” AirFlo® neoprene
  • Reusable, unlike VetWrap
  • Stretchy fabric prevents too-tight binding
  • Use as a shipping boot—no heavy fleece to overheat the horse
  • Use over gauze bandages to keep flies and dirt off
  • Covered with high-quality Lycra fabric
  • Complete leg coverage, from below the knee to coronary band
  • Keep white legs clean and tidy after bathing
  • Keeps legs clean while in the trailer or exercising your horse at the show
  • Provides protection from annoying fly bites.
  • 2 per set
  • Machine washable and air dries fast.

Fast Leg Wraps will not slump or come undone. For this reason, they are perfect for drill teams, 4-H clubs, and gamers that need a color-coordinated team look.alex&shetaanbarrels_edited-

Easy to put on/take off

Fitting your Horse Fast Leg Wraps – To start, open the Velcro and position it on the cannon bone.  Then, tuck the inside flap against the leg and pull the outside flap of loop Velcro over the inner hook Velcro®.  Now close the lower Velcro tab behind the pastern. Also, there are two inches of adjustment so one size can fit a wide variety of leg diameters.


Horse Fast Leg Wraps, made from 80% nylon/20% Lycra®, are machine washable and air dry fast. Also, follow our simple Care Instructions for best results.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × .25 in

1 review for Fast Leg Wraps

  1. Brenda

    These Fast Leg Wraps are great for horses with feathers! I can shampoo my girl the night before a show and keep her in the leg wraps until ready. Her legs stay clean and her hair smooth and show ring ready.

    I got the shipping boot style which are great for transport and for workouts too. I also bought the faceless sleezy uni-body and totally love the full neck zipper as it’s easy to keep her mane manageable without having to slide a slinky over her head, which often messes up the braids. And of course, had to complete the ensemble with the ultimate tail wrap.

    If you have a hairy horse with lots of mane and tail you may want to try Sleezy Barb’s stuff. It will save you hours of grooming!

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