Heavy-Duty Tail Bags

Heavy-Duty Tail Bags

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Made in the USA

heavy-duty tail bag

  • An American-made product
  • Made from rugged Spandura™ fabric, 320gsm/9.5oz strong
  • Will outlast regular Lycra tail bags
  • Ties hold the tail bag in place
  • Doesn’t hold water and dries quickly when wet
  • Machine washable

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Made in the USA

Longer Lasting Tail Bags

Tired of holes in your tail bags? Heavy-Duty Tail Bags are the answer. Made from Spandura™, an amazing high-tech fabric that combines the toughness of Cordura with the stretch of Lycra®. Because each yarn consists of Cordura fibers spun around a Lycra® core, the result is a fabric that feels soft, supple, and stretchy. The Cordura offers durability to the Lycra®. Also, because they are made from all man-made fibers, they will dry quickly when wet. Nothing causes dry, brittle tail hair like the sun, manure, and mud. Now you can protect your horse’s tail from whatever nature throws at it with our Heavy-Duty Tail Bags! Simply braid the hair, insert it into the bag, and tie it below the tailbone. Perfect for quick or overnight protection. Our bags have no Velcro to pull on tail hairs and no fleece to absorb the hair’s natural moisture. Keep your horse’s tail in show-ready condition!

Use with our AirFlo® Neoprene Tail Wrap to smooth upper tail hairs or to protect against rubbing.

  • An American-made product
  • Crafted from Spandura™, 320gsm/9.5oz strong
  • Keeps tail neat, clean, and off the ground
  • Ties hold the tail bag in place
  • Doesn’t hold water and dries quickly when wet
  • Easy to use—no special tools required
  • 3 different lengths for any size tail
  • Choose between 2 ties or 4 ties
  • Machine washable

Equine Tail Bags: How to select the correct tail bag length.  Measure from the bottom of the dock of the tail to the fetlock joint, then subtract 2 inches. It is always better to go shorter than longer.

Easy to Use

Heavy-duty tail bags are a snap to use and require no special tools or bands.  1) Wash your horse’s tail.  2) Apply your favorite deep conditioner (one made for horses).  3) Braid.  4) Insert into the bag.  5) Weave ties through the top of the braid and tie off below the tailbone. There is NO Velcro to get stuck or tangled in your horse’s tail and NO fleece to draw out hair’s natural oils.

Your horse tail bag comes with braiding instructions, or you can PRINT OUR INSTRUCTIONS NOW.


Because the heavy-duty tail bag contains 87% Cordura nylon/ 13% spandex fabric. it is machine washable. Air dries fast. Also, follow our simple Care Instructions for best results.

Horse Illustrated has an excellent article about tail care. It includes a pictorial guide on how to attach a tail bag. READ ARTICLE

heavy-duty tail bag

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Weight 3.8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 7 × .25 in


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