Easy to Make Witch Socks for Your Horse

I found these socks were a great addition to the witch costume. They are quick and easy, and the results are fabulous!

You’ll need:

Cut off the foot portion. Trim the length depending on how much of the leg you want covered. Starting with the top, pull over your horse’s hoof. Continue pulling over the hoof and up the leg until you are over your horse’s knee. Most horses that are 15.2 & under and don’t have large hooves like small draft horses; ie Gypsy, Halflinger, Fjord, etc. won’t need any further adjustment.

If you find you cannot pull the sock over your horse’s hoof, you will have to make the following adjustments. Take your scissors and make a small 2″ cut in the top of the sock. If you still can’t get the sock on, you can make a longer slice, going in 1″ increments.

Once you know how big of a cut you need, apply about 2.5″ (approx) of Velcro at the top. This will be your closure at the top after you pull the sock over the hoof and the knee.

horses wearing striped witch socks in orange and purple stripes
witch sock in purple and black stripes
witch sock with velcro at the top