Horse Costume – Superman

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Made in the USA

horse costume superman

  • 4-way stretch premium Lycra in superman blue
  • Superman logo on chest
  • Size Large for horses 14.2h – 15.2h

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Made in the USA

Horse Costume – Superman

This is a size LARGE. It fits a horse, 14.2h – 15.2h, that wears a horse-size bridle. Click HERE for important size information Velcro on the girth.

This superman suit will make your horse the personification of strength and power. You won’t need a phone booth to transform your horse into the Horse of Steel.  You’ll get a royal blue sleazy with a Superman S shield on the chest. Also, you can complete your costume by adding a set of red fast polo wraps for the front legs. This costume is all one piece for ease of dressing. Truth, justice, and the American way!

You’ll love the comfortable fit your horse has. So comfortable you can ride in it!

  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted from breathable, premium 4-way stretch superman blue Lycra
  • Adjustable noseband and oversize eye/ear holes
  • High tensile-strength Gütermann thread for extra durability
  • Generously sized w/reinforced seams and edges to prevent over-stretching
  • Machine washable


Our customized-fit system ensures your horse gets the fit you’re looking for. No one-size-fits-all like the other brands! What’s more, miniature horse and pony sizes cost less, depending on size. If you have any questions about what size your horse/pony/mini wears, please give us a call.

But your horse isn’t average? We’ll change our patterns to your measurements. Call us or use this Measuring Guide.

Easy on/Easy off

In general, most horses tolerate things pulled over their heads. Therefore, putting on your horse’s Halloween costume is easy to do.   Open the noseband Velcro.  Bunch up the slinky and slip it over your horse’s head.  Adjust the holes until your horse’s eyes and ears are in the center.   Slide the remaining slinky over the neck and shoulders. Close the girth attachment. Close the noseband Velcro. Lastly, your horse Halloween costume should fit smooth, like swimwear, but not tight.


Your Superman horse costume contains 80% nylon/ 20% spandex fabric. Therefore, it is machine washable and air dries fast. Also, follow our simple Care Instructions for the best results.

superman horse costume

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Dimensions 8 × 7 × .25 in


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