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Clearance Barn Sleazy Hoods Closeout Fabric

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Made in the USA

Keeping Your Horse Clean and Comfortable

Nearly 1/3 off on these end of the roll fabrics!

With our high-quality Lycra Sleazy Hoods, you can keep your horse’s mane and coat clean, shiny, and fly-free while holding braids and bands neatly in place! Our premium horse sleezys feature fine Lycra fabric, an adjustable noseband with Velcro closure, and large eye holes that won’t run up into your horse’s eyes. They’re super-stretchy and comfortable, designed to move with your horse. What’s more, there’s no fleece on the noseband to attract shavings and other irritants.

  • USA-made quality
  • Durable, 4-way-stretch Lycra material
  • Keeps your horse clean
  • Trains the mane while polishing the hair coat
  • Oversized eye holes and adjustable nose band
  • Extra length over withers for a more comfortable fit
  • Keeps braids and bands neat, tidy, and hay-free
  • Perfect as an additional layer of warmth or to prevent chafing
  • Choose from easy-to-fasten ABS side-release buckle or Velcro closure at the horse’s girth
  • Machine wash and dry

Is your horse not an average-sized stock type horse? Please call us or use this Measuring Guide.



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Fitting your Lycra Sleazy Hood – Most horses are very tolerant of having things pulled over their heads. Your sleazy should fit smoothly, like swimwear, over the horse’s head and neck, but not too tight to create a rub.  Make sure your horse’s eyes are in the middle of the eye holes. If the eyes are too far in one direction, the sleazy could rub your horse’s eyes when he moves or stretches. Then, make sure his ears are also in the middle of the ear holes. If they aren’t, the sleazy could rub his ears and cause a lot of discomfort. After all four holes are in place, adjust the nose band to keep the slinky in place.

Because the Lycra Sleazy Hood is made from 80% nylon/ 20% Lycra, it is machine washable. Air dries in a jiffy. Follow our simple Care Instructions for best results.



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